New Year, New Life

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“Changes aren’t permanent… but change is” – Neil Peart

Many of us experienced change last year and like you, I am no different. Personal loss leads to introspection, soul searching and reawakening – it leads to new music, a new poetry and a new life.  I choose to embrace change and to create a new life for myself and my family. 
It’s with great enthusiasm that I  return to my music and to performing.  I invite you to join me musically and professionally on this personal journey and look forward to interacting with you along the way.

The process of deepening my writing and becoming more aware and connected continues each day. There will be new songs written that will culminate in a new recording before the end of the year. There will be live performances and opportunities for us to connect. I’d love to keep you posted on these exciting new developments, so thanks in advance for your support and your feedback on the continued unfolding of my music.

Your kind words and emotional responses bring meaning and fulfillment to my work. So thank you for giving life to the music and for sharing it in your circles. I wish you a very sweet start to 2019 and look forward to being in touch soon.

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