Quotes & Praise for “What I Wouldn’t Give”

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“I’ve listened to your CD a couple of times and I’m really impressed. Great production, vocals, songs! My favorites are the ballads, of course. The melody on THE PERFECT LIE kills me.” —J.D. Martin, writer for artists such as Reba McEntire, Terri Clark, Jennifer Paige, Peter Cetera and B.J. Thomas

“My two favorites are “The Perfect Lie” and “Anesthesia”, but I think the whole CD is well written, sung, played, and arranged.” —Stephen Schwartz, composer for Godspell, Pippin, Prince of Egypt

“I was at total burnout listening to a certain genre of music I am not that into and we got your CD in the mail and I said “I HAVE to listen to something I have never heard before and popped your’s in. I ended up listening to it 3 times, which, in the midst of screening 2400 CD’s is no small thing. Kudos.” —Brian Austin Whitney, founder of Just Plain Folks

“Wonderful music. Very consistent in sound and style, flowing comfortably from song to song. You continue to have a fabulous voice, and your vocal control has somehow increased.” —Deke Sharon, founder of The Contemporary A Capella Society of America (CASA)

“Wow. I was humming and singing some of your tunes all day yesterday. Really beautiful, haunting strains of melancholic longing. Instead of listening to Joni Mitchell’s BLUE now I can listen to your CD. It is gorgeous stuff AND YOUR VOICE!!! OHMYGOD!!!” —Amy Potozkin, director of The Berkeley Repertory Theatre

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