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TODD HERZOG – WHAT I WOULDN’T GIVE: Todd Herzog is a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer. Todd lives and works in Los Angeles, California and has done vocal tracks for both television and film. In addition, he has worked with well-known artists such as Sarah McLachlan and Dave Merenda. Herzog’s music can be described as pop/adult contemporary. What I Wouldn’t Give is Todd’s debut release. This ten-track collection is the poignant story of personal loss and pain but evolves into a beautiful assembly of ballads. His songs have strong messages that stress the importance of valuing each day and every moment. His poetic tales are a reminder to let people know you care today. Todd’s lyrics are philosophical, serious and insightful. Herzog sings from the heart with much passion and has a wide vocal range. Todd is supported by skilled musicians and the CD is well produced. Both ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ and ‘Out There’ are smooth like a calming stream with heavy undercurrents of deep reflective struggles and tones. Both tracks showcase Todd’s diverse vocal inflections and command of musical scales. The title track ‘What I Wouldn’t Give’ has a soft steady beat, gentle expressive guitars and heartfelt vocals. This CD is a very personal powerful work, which teaches that loss is a learning experience and that even in our darkest moments there is still light and growth.

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