Todd Herzog is an artist who takes the raw material of life experiences and creates soulful, spiritual, acoustic pop music that opens the hearts of his listeners and leaves them feeling inspired – as if the songs were written only for them. His voice comes from the center of his being, combining the grit and power of Bono with the clear falsetto of Jason Mraz and Five for Fighting.

After the loss of a girlfriend to Leukemia at the age of 28, Todd turned to music as a vehicle for healing himself and those around him. Through this process, he realized that despite the difficult external reality, there was still joy and love and things to look forward to in life. Some of the most rewarding feedback he has received on his work has come from people who have used his music to get to the other side of a dark place.

“I play music because it’s the thing that makes me feel whole. When I am fully immersed in my music, it is like a meditation and I am able to disappear into the sound. When I am in that space, it feels like I am praying and singing at the same time. It is then that I know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life.”

Todd’s music is intended to transform his audience, to allow them to observe their own lives and to open them up to a sense of gratitude and appreciation. His music allows us to feel connected to one another and to something larger than ourselves.

Todd’s latest recording, Something to Believe In, is a very personal introspective project that chronicles his return to a sense of his authentic self and to his singer/songwriter roots. His plan is to continue to use his gifts to uplift and to heal his listeners for as long as he is able.